Nisca Supplies

Full Color Ribbon
NGYMCKOPRC Nisca YMCKO ribbon cartridge & cleaning rollers for the PRC-101 250
NGBKPRC Nisca Resin Black Ribbon - PR-C101 ONLY - get up to 4000 prints!! 1000
NGYMCKO3/3BP Nisca YMCKO3 Ribbon (3BP) - PR5350 & PR53LE Printers ONLY 250
NGYMCKO2 Nisca YMCKO2 Ribbon (PR5100, PR5200, PR5300, & PR5310) 250
NGYMCKOK2 Nisca YMCKOK2 Ribbon - (PR5100, PR5200, PR5300, PR5310 & PR5350) 210
NGYMCFK Nisca YMCFK - UV Ribbon - (PR5300, PR5310 & PR5350) 250
NGBK-OP Nisca Black Dye-Sub & Clear Ribbon - (all printers except PR-C101) 250
NGBK Nisca Resin Black Ribbon - (all printers except PR-C101) 1250



SoftCoat / Overlay Edge-to-Edge Material
NiscaGenuine2 Generic NiscaGenuineV2 - Thinfilm * (softcoat / overlay) 500  
NiscaSecureID-TF Generic Secure ID - ThinFlim / Overlay (softcoat/overlay) 500  
NiscaPrint500 Generic NiSCAPrint hologram Thinfilm / Overlay (softcoat/overlay) 500  
NiscaClear-TF Nisca Clear Thinflim / Overlay (softcoat/overlay) 500  
Hardcoat / Patch / Chip Material  
NiscaPrint250 Generic NiSCAPrint hologram JUMBO w/ Security T/E feature Patch 250  
NiscaSecureID Generic Secure ID - 1mil Holopatch* 250  
NiscaClear250 Clear 1mil Patch 250  
NiscaClear250IC Clear 1mil Patch w/ Contact Chip cut out 250  
NiscaClearMag250 Clear 1mil 3/4 Patch for Magnetic Stripe cut out 290  
NiscaClear290 Clear .5mil Patch 290  
NiscaAltSecID Alternating SecureID and Clear *** 1mil HoloPatch 125  
NiscaAltClearMag Alternating Full Clear Patch and 3/4 Patch Clear *** 1mil Patch 125  
NiscaAltClearIC/Mag Alternating Contact Chip Clear and MagStripe (3/4) Clear Patch 125  
NiscaAltClearIC Alternating Contact Chip Clear and Clear Patch*** 125  
NiscaTRWPatch Nisca Thermo-ReWrite patch material for use with CLEARjet Printers 250  



Level1OrigFee Short Run Mechanical Image Only, 40rolls Roll Max., Wallpaper non-registered image    
Level2OrigFee Mechanical Image Only, Wallpaper non-registered image    
Level3OrigFee 200dpi Hologram, Registered Image    
Level4OrigFee 200dpi Hologram with up to 2 Optically Variable Devices, Excluding Laser Retrievable Images, Registered Image    
Level5OrigFee 600dpi Hologram with up to 4 Optically Variable Devices, Registered Image    
Level6OrigFee 1200dpi Unlimited Optially Variable Devices, Registered Image    



Custom ThinFlim/Overlay Overlaminate  
CustomPart# Nisca Custom Thinfilm 500  



CustomPart# Nisca Custom Holopatch (1mil) Patch 250  
CustomPart# Nisca Custom Holopatch (1mil) w/ IC Die Cut or Mag 3/4 Patch Die Cut 250  
CustomPart# Nisca Alternating Registered Patch - Custom Holo & Clear*** 125  
CustomPart# Add Ultra Violet Blocking Patch Technology: