Indala Proximity Cards

FlexIso Proximity Card


The FlexISO proximity access card is the industry choice for a cost-effective solution to proximity access control.



The Indala FlexISO proximity card is a truly "credit card" thin access credential, and is ISO 7813 compliant with a nominal thickness of 0.03 inches. The FlexISO has the ability to contain multiple ID technologies in a single credential. It is also availabe with a magnetic stripe for use with other systems, such as caferteria vending, copy machines and fuel dispensing.  

Digital photos and graphics can be printed directly over the FlexISO's front surface by using a dye-sublimation printer. Bar codes can be imaged onto the card for systems tracking time-and-attendance for job costing.

The FlexISO card can be programmed in the factory or in the field using the FlexPass ProxSmith Programmer and Toolkit with Wiegand, magnetic stripe and serial data formats. It can be used interchangeably with other credentials and can be ordered with specified facility codes and ID numbers.

FlexTag 125 kHz Proximity Tag/Adhesive


Do you want the user-friendliness of Indala's proximity technology without the expense of rebadging?

  • Get the convenience of proximity without the cost of rebadging
  • FlexTag's adhesive back attaches easily to your ID card or other non-metallic device
  • Cost-effective FlexTags are protected with a 2-year warranty


Indala's new, innovative FlexTag can turn your plastic ID badge into a proximity credential! Effortlessly upgrade from magstripe or barium ferrite technology, or add prox to your smart card, by simply attaching the small, circular FlexTag to your existing card.

The FlexTag will also adhere to any non-metallic device, such as a cell phone or PDA, to create an instant proximity badge.

As with Indala cards, the FlexTag is compatible with all Indala readers, and can be easily encoded with Indala's FlexPass ProxSmith programmer and toolkit. This RF programmable, 125 kHz tag offers a consistent read range and is unaffected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions. The passive, no-battery design allows for an infinite number of reads, and is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years from date of shipment.

FlexISO XT Composite Card


Indala's revolutionary FlexISO XT composite card is the most durable and long lasting technology card we have ever built. FlexISO XT integrates Indala's breakthrough FlexSecur proximity technology within a card body designed to withstand the most extreme applications.


Indala's unique composite formulation enhances the structural integrity of the card, providing additional protection of the core electronics.The FlexISO XT is particularly effective in applications that require magnetic stripe and/or barcode transactions, and is ideal for use in high wear-and-tear environments, such as industrial and university settings.

Although you may never need to use it, FlexISO XT comes with a lifetime warranty!

The card's front surface is compatible with both direct and re-transfer type dyesublimation printers. In addition, FlexPass ISO XT can be combined with Indala's anticounterfeiting FlexPass Premier program, which includes card options such as UV fluorescent inks, microfine printing, and holograms.

FlexISO XT cards are compatible with all Indala FlexPass readers, allowing any number of cards to be easily re-issued as necessary. FlexISO XT cards can be factory programmed and shipped in five business days

Rugged and durable design able to withstand harsh environments The card has been able to withstand Indala's 100k Card Bend Test without affecting the card's functionality.
Compatibility. Works with FlexPass, ASR-500, and ASR-600 series readers. It can also be used interchangeably with other Indala credentials.
Customizable. The surface can be customized with high quality, four-color graphics, anticounterfeiting features (ultraviolet ink, embedded and surface holograms, and microfine printing), and personalization  variable data and images).
High Security. Utilizes Indala's FlexSecur technology: data encryption, 172 user definable bits, password protection, and security between card and reader.
Two points of authentication. The reader first authenticates the credential. After validation, the reader passes the credential's information to the host system for authentication. If the reader does not validate the credential, no information is passed on to the host system.



The Indala FlexKey's contemporary design enables it to be easily attached to a key ring, badge clip, or badge lanyard. Built to withstand harsh operating environments, FlexKey's rugged double-sealed construction also allows for customization.



By adding a company logo, the FlexKey is  deally suited for vacation resorts, locker rooms, health spas, apartment buildings, club houses, as well as commercial offices where photo IDs are not required.

FlexKey is compatible with the entire FlexPass reader line, allowing easy incorporation into any existing Indala system. The RF-programmable keytag features the high quality and security benefits that you have come to appreciate in the Indala FlexPass credentials, through the use of FlexSecur authentication. With up to 172 userdefinable bits, FlexKey permits the encoding of a wide range of data and information.

CX-PL5 Card


The CASI technology is somewhat different - effectively the cards are already preencoded.  CASI-RUSCO "PL5 (PROX-LITE) EQUIVALENT"

  • Read Range of up to 5"
  • Slot punch optional
  • Wiegand Swipe optional
  • White Front - No Artwork
  • White Back - No Artwork



The CASI technology is somewhat different -  ffectively the cards are already pre-encoded. When they are issued to an employee on the CASI system, the number of the card is read and and logged by their softwware during the enrollment process. Indala guarantees that our CASI compatible cards will never be duplicated with the existing cards that may already be in the field. If specific pre-printed card numbering is desired (range start & stop), we can accommodate this is well.